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Evenin' lovelies!

So, it seemed my last post was something that rang true with many of you. Although I'm not pleased with the state of the industry, I'm kinda pleased that I'm not alone with how I feel. Hopefully the more we all push for what we want the better it will get, as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Anyway, I've been a very, very naughty girl this evening, seems as though I'm not feeling too well and feeling a bit sorry for myself I did a bit of online shopping! Funnily enough at two of the places that I gave a verbal battering to in my last post!

I was noseying through the Very So Fabulous range and spotted this stunning horse print dress, I have ordered in a UK28 and I am really, really really hoping it arrives and fits......

Multi-Coloured Horse Print Dress - £32 So Fabulous @ Very


So, the horse print dress arrived this morning from Very. I really hope you can feel the disappointment I have had over it radiate through your screens, because it really was a massive disappointment. I knew it was going to be a bit of a risk as I am slightly bigger than a size 28 and more a 30 but I can usually make items work, even though I knew this wasn't stretchy I thought I'd give it a whirl and maybe end up suprised. 

Well, I did get a surprise I can tell you, I couldn't even get it over my bust it was that small and tight! There was absolutely no way it was going on. So, I got my mom to give it a try, my mom who is a UK size 20-22, thinking it would absolutely swamp her with it being so many sizes too big, well here came surprise number 2, although the dress was slightly too big in the bust area for her, it definitely didn't swamp her and fitted quite well to be honest, we both said how the dress definitely wasn't a size 28 and more a 24.....

 Female, a UK Size 20/22 modelling the Very So Fabulous Horse print dress in a UK size 28, just to give you an idea of sizing, or how badly sized this item obviously is. Very disappointing!

So ladies, if you are thinking about giving this dress a go the print is gorgeous, I can't deny that but unfortunately the sizing is all off! Definitely size up I'd say and if you are a 28, you can't size up because as I've mentioned before, So Fabulous has stopped producing sizes above a 28, so errrrr you don't have the option. Sorry! So, the hunt for my perfect party dress continues!

Anyway, I've had some super bargains over at Evans. There was already 20% off the two items I bought, then I got a further 20% off with the code 'Winter12' (with a £40 or more spend) and then I also got free standard delivery with the code '24POST' (again £40 or more spend required). So total cost for this little haul was £50! Considering the boots should have been £49 alone, I've had a right bargain......

 Black Biker Boots - £49.50 Evans

Black Studded Skull Top - £30 Lovedrobe @ Evans

Also a few days ago I picked up this rather brash,in your face, leopard print jacket from New Look Inspire, I haven't seen it online yet but I'm a sucker for a bit of leopard print, so needless to say, it came home with me....

Leopard Print Waterfall Blazer Jacket - £24.99 New Look Inspire (Instore)

Oh and last but not least I've been giving the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation a go and I have to say I absolutely LOVE IT! I usually use the Maybelline Matte Mousse, and although it's good, I find it tends to wear off quite easily through the day and doesn't really give me the coverage around my lower jaw line that I want. So, I was given a 10 day sample of the Double Wear to try in Boots just last week and thought I would be more suited to the Double Wear Light, for fear of the Double Wear feeling too heavy, but being a full on make up whore I've found that I love the coverage of the Double Wear, and didn't find it too heavy or cakey at all. I didn't have to use powder with it, just the foundation and a bit of blusher and voila! You can see how natural it looks here......

 Posing - Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 'Fresco'
Face - my own unfortunately

You know, some days I really do wonder where my wages go, it's posts like this that make it all fall into place for me, I've not bought one Chrimbo pressie yet either! Whoops..... 

Anyway, I'm off to bed to try and feel slightly more human!


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