I'll wear Gold if I want to.....

 Ello Lovelies!

I wanted to show you a couple of outfits I've worn just recently. I was going to do them in separate posts but unfortunately I had my phone stolen last week which had all the photo's I had taken on it.

It was my birthday last week and I had an awesome few days, I saw loads of friends, I went on the Harry Potter Studio Tour (I'm a big fan if I've never told you before) and I had an awesome night out last Saturday to celebrate which was going well until some fucker stole my handbag! Typical!

I'm also having a few other technological difficulties, the laptop I usually blog off is broken, so the one I am trying to use at the moment doesn't seem to like working in harmony with blogger so it's proving difficult to stay connected to you all at the moment between having no Iphone and laptops that don't work! (If anyone, or any company fancies donating to the 'Naomi Needs New Technology Fund' hit me up on my email address! Haha!). But I'm here right now and I'm trying!

Anyway down to the outfits...

First off I just wanted to show you that I do wear something other than dresses and leggings. When I went out for the day with my Grant, I donned a pair of jeans (shock horror!). I had picked up this super comfy pair of jeggings from Evans and I love them, so I needed to give them a shout out! All I ask is, Evans, I beg you, please start doing your coloured denim in your different leg lengths so us short arses can start wearing them!

Myself & Grant outside the Great Hall doors at the Harry Potter Studio Tour.
Jeggings - £25 Evans

Then there was this lovely red Evans Skater dress which I picked up at their Marble Arch store launch the other week. I got this dress home and I had that horrible annoyance of realising the dress was the right size on the hanger but when I got it home and looked at the tag it was a size smaller! Luckily it still fits and fits well, but I did have a bit of a wobble when I realised and got a little bit worried that it didn't look O.K, but the lovely guys over on my Twitter feed assured me it was fine, thanks you lot!

Red Skater Dress - £35 Evans (Size 22/24)
Waterfall Blazer Jacket - New Look Inspire (Size 26)
Belt - Evans (medium)
Black Wedge Heels  - New Look (Size 6 wide fit)
Clutch - Primark

I whacked it on to go out for cocktails with a few friends of mine last Friday, quite a versatile piece which I've been wearing loads since I had it. It's great to dress up and dress down. It's on sale for £35 which if I'm honest, I don't think it's worth as the material is quite thin, so if you manage to get it on a discount or you just really like it then go for it. I also wore it yesterday with black tights, knee boots and a biker jacket which looked great just for hanging around town and is really comfy! A great dress which I'm sure I will be getting loads of wear from! It's also available in black if you aren't brave enough for red (but be brave ladies! Be brave!).

And last but not least is this, the dress that took me a lot of balls (and rum) to wear! Now, you know me, I like lots of colour and I like clothes which make a statement but this dress even pushed me out of my comfort zone! I'd spotted it in the Very So Fabulous range about a month ago and it was out of stock for ages! It finally became available again and I asked the parental unit if they would buy it me for my birthday.

Gold Wrap Dress - £32 Very So Fabulous (Size 30)
Black Tights - We Love Colors

It arrived, and it was even more bold and in your face than how it looked on the website! The gold foil print made sure there was no way I was going to be missed. I had a few disapproving stares, but fuck 'em, it's my birthday and I'll wear gold if I want to, deal with it! (Made my bum look great I reckon!). This again is a dress which also comes in black, but if you want a real bobby dazzler, statement dress then this is a cracker! The jersey is really good quality, it's not thin, it's really stretchy and I'd say it's worth it's worth every penny of the £32 price tag. Maybe one for the Chrimbo parties girls? Only thing I'd say is if you want a more drapey, loose fit then size up! I teamed it up with black tights, glorious glitter heeled shoe boots from Evans (which you can't see but I am going to show you very soon, technology permitting!) and my enormous Jane Norman gold clutch (which got stolen!).

So that's my little birthday outfit round up. I still had an awesome time even though I did get robbed! Just sad I can't show you more pics!

I'm gonna have a footwear week on here very soon as I have some bits to show you all, keep your eyes peeled! Right now, I'm off to drink some more tea and have a clear out!


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