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Ello my lovelies!

God I have been rubbish this year so far haven't I? Everytime I blog theres an excuse for why I haven't blogged for so long, I can honestly tell you though this time it has really been a pain in the arse. My handbag which had my phone in it was stolen a few weeks ago whilst I was out for my birthday as I mentioned in my last post, one of my main annoyances with the whole debacle was the fact that I had taken loads of pics for up and coming blog posts which I hadn't backed up! So I had all these post ideas and reviews and things and all the pics ready for them and they all went with the phone! My words of wisdom boys and girls? Always back your shiz up!

Anyway I've been wanting to do this footwear week for a while, I have been gifted some awesome pieces for my tootsies by some great retailers and I wanted to show them all off a while ago, but unfortunately this has been hindered by the loss of my phone and even more recently, a broken laptop. My laptop is now working again and I also have a new iPhone, YAY, so, let's get cracking!

First up on footwear week I want to show you something that has been nothing more than an urban myth to me until recently, the wide calf wellie..... 

The lovely folk over at Jileon contacted me a while back and asked for my input on designs for something new they were putting together, extra wide calf wellies. As we conversed it came to light that these new wellies were going to be aimed at those of us with really large calves, I have to admit, I was sceptical that these would ever fit me, I've heard it all before, promises of wide fitting boots that merely fit those on the 'chubby' scale and totally disregard those of us with much ampler limbs. 

Polka Dot Wide Calf Wellies - £49.99 Jileon
Cardigan - H&M+
Jeggings - Evans
Floral Top - So old I can't remember!

Well, what can I say, when they arrived I was pleasantly suprised, they slid on beautifully, no awkward faffing about trying to squeeze excess skin into them, no pinching, no awkward excess at the ankles, plenty of room, comfortable, flexible, soft, sturdy and absolutely brilliant! I have to say, I am a little bit in love with them. I even have room to wear thick socks with them without a problem! Amazing! They'd totally fit someone with calves even larger than mine! Easily another inch or two's room!

My only groan with them, is something I know the team are working on as best they can, the buckles that are used to adjust can be a little bit fiddly, especially if you are on the larger side like me and have issues getting round your boobs and your belly to adjust them, other than that they are utterly brilliant!

If you are an outdoorsy type, dog walker, bonfire night lover, festival go'er, or just a crazy who likes to jump in puddles and have calves as big as mine and have struggled to find a pair of wellies that truly fit you properly (my calves are 20-21 inches!) then seriously think of investing in these, they will last you forever! At the moment they have them in this cute polka dot print and a vintage floral print and are priced at £49.99 (I know that sounds steep but I'm not lying when I say they will be worth the price for the comfort and wear you will get from them!).

Well done Jileon, great product! I'm looking forward to seeing more prints and styles in the future, star print maybe?

Big Love

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