Footwear Week - Evans Part 2


Afternoon my lovelies!

So this is the last post in my little footwear week!

Those of you whom have been reading and have gotten to know me through the time I've been blogging will know that I'm a bit of a good time girl, I can't resist a party, a night out and a glass of wine or 5, so of course, the last post in this round-up has to be the party heel!

With the party season nigh I know us girlies are all already in full swing looking for our perfect party outfit (I know I definitely am) and with any outfit goes a great pair of heels!

The guys over at Evans sent me a really pretty pair of satin peeptoe wedges to try out. I must admit, when I opened the box I thought to myself '...these really aren't for me.' But, I tried them on, gave them a wander around the house and the more I wore them the more I liked them. They are super comfortable and really easy to wear. I've imagined wearing them with a lovely long, elegant maxi dress I think they'd make the perfect combination with a really feminine dress. What do you reckon? They also have them in a dramatic deep red satin.

 Black Satin Peeptoe Wedges - £29.50 Evans

The second pair of heels I wanted to show you are also from Evans, but I actually bought these from their Birmingham store to go out in for my birthday last month. I ADORE THESE SHOES! There, I had to let that out! They are perfect, the glittery glam heel, the zips, the open 'V' shaped front just love, love, LOVE them! I've worn these quite a bit so far, with jeans, with skirts, with dresses they are the business and definitely worth £35! These will be partying with me for a long time yet! Mahoooooooooosive thumbs up for these Evans! 

Black Banana Heeled Boots - £35 Evans

I've also noticed a couple of other beauties they have at the moment, currently lusting after these badboys.....

Anyway, I'm currently suffering from last nights partying antics (dressed as a tiger too, which I promise I will show you sometime this week!) so I'm off to go and recover! I really hope you've enjoyed my footwear week!


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