Footwear Week - Evans Part 1


Evenin' my lovelies!

This is the second post in my little footwear week I'm having at the moment. 

Like I said in my last post (which I hope you liked!) I have been sent some awesome pretties for my tootsies just recently and I'm so pleased I am finally getting to show you.

A short while ago the folks over at Evans asked if I'd like to have a sneak peak at some of their new footwear for the Autumn/Winter season. They sent me some lovely shoes, which have kept me very happy for work and play!

In this first post I wanted to show you the the practical 'work' shoes that they sent me. I need something practical, durable and comfortable for work and if all of that is encompassed in a pretty little package then I'm sold! I'm not one for skyscraper heels, they're great on other people, but with being a bus wanker and having to do a lot of walking they just aren't sensible (yeh I know, I never thought I'd get to that age where I'd be going for the 'sensible' option!).

These cute ribbon detailed block heels are my absolute fave of the bunch, I get so many compliments on these and they go so well with all my cute little dresses.


I also received these bow wedges, which again are perfectly practical and cute for bus wankers going to work.....

...finally I also received these block buckle heels, but unfortunately these came in a size that didn't fit me, so I've been unable to wear them, but they are so adorable and have a real vintage feel.

I'm pretty sure I've said this before on here, but for whatever other whinges I may have about Evans I have always been a fan of their footwear, their varying widths work well for me and also their heels aren't too high but are always equally as glamourous as anywhere else! Looking forward to showing you the party shoes I have from them in my next post!

To the Evans footwear team, keep up the good work!

Which are your favourite styles? What would you like to see more of from Evans footwear?

P.S They currently have upto 25% off selected shoes and boots!

Big Love 

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