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If you haven't already checked out the online plus size designer retailer, Navabi's recent Berlin Fashion week promo 'Finally' featuring a smoking hot Mariesther Venegas running around the city in the 'nude' than I strongly suggest you go have a look now! Brilliant little campaign, lets hope the Daily Fail readers stay well away!

If you're not familiar with the online retailer, they stock some really great items from designers such as Anna Scholz, Manon Baptiste and Carmakoma, in a range of sizes from a UK12 - 28. Yeh some of it does come with a considerable price tag, but you have to remember that this isn't 'fast fashion', here today and out of your wardrobe tomorrow. Here are some of the items I massively lusting over...

Polka Dot Dress- Manon Baptiste @ Navabi  
(Available up to a UK 26-28)


 Peter Pan Collar 'Elegant' Dress - Manon Baptiste @ Navabi  
(Available up to a UK 26-28)
(Love this, always reminds me of Adele!)

And this is my 'if money were no object' outfit.......

Pussy Bow Top - Zay @ Navabi (Available up to a UK 26-28
Snake Print Skirt - Carmakoma @ Navabi (Available up to a UK30)
Leather Shoulder Bag - M Missoni @ Navabi
Red Patent Belt - Simply Be (Pk of 2 available up to a UK 32-34)
Red Court Shoe - Simply Be

(Always check individual item size charts to be sure the measurements will fit you!)

Right, with that I'm off, it was only meant to be a short post but  got carried away window shopping! Anyone want to treat me? No? *Bahhhhhhhhhhhh*

Big Love Chica's 

*All images belong to Navabi & Simply Be with thanks

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