Butterflies & Domino Dolls

Evenin' lovelies!

I've finally started re-engaging with the world and getting myself out and about again, I've had a great, much needed rest and it's time to start terrorising the general public again me thinks. My Sarah-Face friend has been my saving grace and made sure I don't end up being a big, boring recluse. We had a girly night on Friday and went to see the new Channing Tatum flick Magic Mike, I'm not gonna say too much about it but, ladies, its a MUST SEE! 

I went pretty casual and managed to wear my Joe Browns Butterfly Tunic that I showed you in this post which I had recently purchased from Georgina via eBay. The truth about this tunic is, I actually had one years ago but I wore it to it's absolute death, so when I saw Georgina selling hers I couldn't let it go to anyone else. I quite like Joe Browns stuff, it's really easy to wear, gorgeously quirky and fun, but, I always find it a bit short in the body/torso/boobs, does anyone else have that problem with it? Maybe it's just me? I've kinda stopped buying it now because of that reason though which is a shame because I always look at it longingly. Nevermind! Anyway here are a couple of snaps, as always I give you the very best in location photography, in my Mom's kitchen, who needs a Manhattan sidewalk? *Pah*....

 Butterfly Print Tunic - Joe Browns @ Simply Be (UK 28)
Black Leggings - Rogers & Rogers @ Matalan (UK 24)
Beige Cardigan - Primark (UK20)
Leopard Print Scarf - H&M
Belt - Evans (Large)
Gold Ballerina Flats - George @ Asda (UK 6.5)
Black Satchel - OneStopPlus UK

Gotta give a massive shout to George at Asda for these amazing, super soft ballerina's. I bought them a month or so ago for like £7 and I love, love love them! So easy to wear and so soft and comfy and pretty. I've also got wide feet and I always find that the shoes from George always accommodate for them really well. I bought them in store but they do have them online in a few other colours, so if you like a decent pair of cute flats then give these a try! Big thumbs up from me!

And last but not least I am so pleased to be able to say I am finally a Domino Doll! Wahoooooooo! My order arrived literally 5 days after I had placed it. So of course, when I went for drinks on Saturday night I had to wear this badboy! Pulled it together with some sparkle and my fave, oversized Jane Norman gold clutch and here I am......

 Black and White Striped Chiffon Skirt - $49.99 Domino Dollhouse (US 4X)
Sequin Vest Top - New Look Inspire (UK 26)
Triple Buckle Belt - Evans (Large)
Black Chiffon Shrug - New Look Inspire (UK 26)
Black Wedges - New Look (UK 6)
Gold Oversized Clutch - Jane Norman
Choker - Can't remember!

I felt like I couldn't get a picture I was happy with of this outfit so these will have to do. The skirt is midi length and I'm a short arse so I felt like every pic made me look like I had no legs! Anyway, I am absolutely, 100% in love with this item, it's just so show stoppingly wow! Yeh, I actually said that! Haha! I ordered the 4X as I was concerned about fit around my tummy, but I can honestly say I could have easily sized down to a 3X. It's not a problem, the skirt still fit fine but there is definitely lots of extra room. It would easily fit someone a size or 2 bigger than myself. So if you are around the same size as me and you do look to order definitely go for a 3X. I think the skirt is great quality for the price, it's fully lined so no need to worry about exposure, the back of the waistband has loads of stretch for comfort and it's really well made, even with the shipping costs it's worth every penny. Oh and here I am looking like a right bell end.....

I also purchased some awesome, super pretentious, cat eye sunglasses along with the skirt, but alas, the British weather has scuppered me being able to wear them just yet. I'll take some snaps and show you soon! 

Right I'm off to eat curry and watch Sex and The City all over again!


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