One Woman's Junk......


Evenin' ladycakes!

Happy weekend! Hope you are all having fabulous Saturday evening's! I'm still pretty much house bound but I am on the mend and will be out and about soon. Getting massively cabin feverish now so it's about time I re-introduced myself to the outdoors. 

Today was the first time I have gotten myself together, put on some makeup and made an attempt to wear some kind of outfit, mind you it didn't really last very long it was really all just to show you guys!

I purchased a cute little polka dot tunic from an eBay retailer a few days ago and seems as though I've not been out of the house for fear being mowed down whilst taking too long crossing the road with my gammy foot I threw it on, put on some lippy and played around with how I would probably wear it if I was actually doing something with my night.

I gave it a bit of a 50's look, with the hot red lips and flower corsage, quite cute really, mind you I think when I do actually wear it out and about I'll throw it on with my skinny black jeggings as it is a bit on the short side and I always get a little bit paranoid whilst swanning about in leggings with something that may not fully cover my nether regions, you never know who may be copping a cheeky look, or a naughty candid snap to broadcast your misdemeanor to the world (the joys of social media!). The tunic itself was a bargain really at only £12.99, the material is a little thin and the print may not last particularly long after a few washes but it's a nice little piece I think, very easy to wear. 

Navy Polka Dot Tunic UK 30/32 - Pretty Plus (eBay)
Black Leggings UK 22 - New Look Inspire
Cream Pointed Flats UK 6 - Dorothy Perkins
Pink Flower Corsage - New Look
Red Lipstick - no.500 Diva Red by Rimmel
I really like eBay for picking up bargains and I use it a lot. One of my most used sayings when people ask me where I got something from is "Oh I got it off eBay for a couple of quid" and love the reaction I get when they are astounded that you can put together a bloody good outfit from an auction site. On this occasion the item isn't second hand but I love trawling through listings of other peoples old clothes, one woman's cast off is another's pride and joy I say, some of my most loved items are ones that I've picked up from people who are just having a clear out. For instance, I recently picked up this gorgeous Joe Browns butterfly tunic from Georgina of Cupcakes Clothes! Cheers love! 

So the moral of this story is, don't overlook the likes of eBay for finding little wardrobe gems, we aren't just limited to the likes of Evan's and the allusive New Look Inspire concession in some dingy corner of a store. Here are some of my favourite eBay stores, don't forget there are many well known retailers whom now list excess and/or clearance stock through eBay....

(Apologies that the links aren't pink, having technical issues and I hate when things don't match! Grrrr!)

These are just a few links but I hope they'll help you along your little fatshion pathways, we all know how frustrating it is to be so limited with options in the plus size fashion world so anytime we can pass on our shopping wisdom to each other is a bonus as far as I'm concerned. If you have any others make sure you let us all know, leave a comment or drop an email or anything, just share and share alike!

Right, I'm off now, enjoy the rest of your weekends! 

Oh and right after I finished playing dress up, I was right back in my glam! *NOT*!

 Big Love!