I'm not dead....yet!



Why hello there, how the devil are you beautiful people? I have thought about you lots and lots and I am happy to say I have returned after my brief absence. I ain't gonna go into chapter and verse about some deep and meaningful bollocks that made me go away for a while, in all honesty I just wasn't feeling particularly inspired, I was fucked right off with the choice of clothing out there for girls of a size 26 plus which seems to have got a real bee in my bonnet at the moment and finally I was having mega bad confidence issues, I think it's safe to assume that I am back on usual Naomi form though, I gots me hair did, started taking some time for me and I've got some epic fun times a coming that have got my mojo right back on track!

I wanted to give a few shout outs to a couple of people who have really bought me back to my sense and encouraged me to come back, first of all the lovely Sarah whom stopped me in Starbucks last week and recognised me from the blog, I say this a lot but I honestly forget that people actually read this little bit of random space of mine, so when I'm wandering around in my own little world and people go 'Oh hai, aren't you that girl from.....' I'm sorry if I look a little bemused! Sarah it was great to meet you and thanks for reading. Secondly is a mention to Lou Carroooooooo, I'm back Lou, LOOK! :) And lastly a mention to my Sazzle-pop friend, Sarah is one of my oldest friends in the world and is one of this blogs biggest supporters, it warms my heart so much to have a friend whom truly believes in what you do and is so proud of it that they don't hestitate to stop and tell practically anybody who will listen about the blog. Thanks girl for being an amazing friend, I love you lots! 

 Sazzle lookin gorge!

Anyway, mushy stuff aside, lets get down to it, I've only gone and got you a little old OOTD post, OMG! Last night my office got together and had a bit of a celebration to let off some steam after a tough few months. Yeah, work has been pretty stressful of late and this has also contributed to my temporary slink into the background. It was a theme night based on 'The Oscars' in a shabby-chic venue (definitely more shabby than chic!). As soon as I heard this night was being arranged I knew I had to have a fabulous dress, I did go through a bit of a 'ZOMG'ed what do I wear?' stress out and consulted the good folk of Twitter for some assistance but then I remembered I had an amazing dress hanging in my wardrobe that had never got it's debut. I had it well over a year ago after I purchased it from online American plus size retailer Lucie Lu with a voucher that I won from Val of Blog To Be Alive (Thanks gurl!). 

I'm not gonna ramble on too much more so I'm just gonna get straight onto the photo's......

Nude Lace Party Dress (3X) - Lucie Lu
Cardigan (UK24) - New Look Inspire
Nude Kitten Heels (UK 7) - £12.99 Internacionale

I know, I'm not much of a photographer but I will never fail to bring you real life action shots, haha! This dress is mega cute, it's super stretchy, so comfortable and just perfect in every way! Lucie Lu doesn't seem to have this colour left online anymore but they do have a some other colours that are just as nice and also currently on sale. Great little item to have in your wardrobe for a special occasion. Be warned though customs will get you like a bitch! 

Anyway, I'm not going to go and over do it and blog myself out all at once, so, I'm gonna go for now. 

Thanks for coming along and reading guys, it really means a lot, oh and hi to all the new followers! I am very nearly at the big 300!!!!!!!! 

For now lovelies....


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