Vroom Vroom! Plus Size Prada.....

Evenin' lovelies!

Just a little post from me tonight. I was thrilled to see the new Simply Be Catwalk Looks online today. As I flicked through my emails I spotted something rather exciting, Simply Be have put together a rather Prada-esque dress in a great replica of their Spring/Summer 2012 car print. This is exciting mainly because as plus sizers we hardly EVER get catwalk copies in the actual season they are released! I mean, look how long it took for us to finally have a version of the Miu Miu swallow print, a good season or 2 after it's initial release!

The print may not be to your taste, heck, I am gonna order it and it may not end up being to my taste even, but this is something a little bit more exciting than that they just copied a dress, it means that there are finally plus size retailers out there now whom aren't afraid to take risks and start giving us some real fashion forward pieces! Yeh, I know we still have a long long way to go and we will be forever haunted with chiffon tunics of death, gypsy tops and embellished jeans, but this little number has given me just a glimmer of hope for the time being. Especially great for us super fatties anyway! 

Prada, my fat ass is gonna fat all over your print! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

 Images coutesy of Simply Be

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