Fat Bitch!

The power of words astounds me. For as long as I can remember I have always been a 'Fat Bitch'. Strangers on the street call me a 'Fat Bitch', people who I know have more than likely called me a 'Fat Bitch' at times, heck, even family members have called me a 'Fat Bitch'. You see, as long as I am fat, my fat will always prefix any insult that is hurled at me. I'll never just be a 'Bitch', a 'Cunt', a 'Fucker', my being fat is extra ammunition to give hurtful words even more stealth. 

I don't even have to have done anything particular to an individual to be granted 'Fat Bitch' status, my just being alive is enough to warrant a torrent of unfounded abuse. In no way do I write this because I'm sat here thinking poor little me, but I was surprised recently by an online friend of mines recent Facebook status. 

Said friend made reference to the weight of a jockey in the recent Grand National, his status went along the lines of '...Some of these jockey's are fat bastards really.' Now, I know people make throw away comments like this all of the time, it's not even thought of, it's generally accepted that the word fat should always be prefixed by something particularly negative. I text my friend to ask him about it, and innocently he replied 'I guess I didn't think about it's negativity when I said it.' Fair enough I thought, but then I thought again, why, is it accepted that as a fat person you DESERVE to be insulted? I know my friend meant nothing by his words, but it just proved that when people talk about fat, it is more than likely ALWAYS negative and it is always ok to say those things. Here is a list of some of my favourite FAT insults, which I have been called on many ocassions, mainly, for no other reason than just because I am alive and dare to go out in public......


I can pretty much guarantee that if I were to swap the 'F' 'A' 'T' word in that list of insults with the word 'skinny' and post them all over my Facebook I would be annihilated imminently and suffer another round of generally accepted fat insults. But that's ok, right? Because I'm fat, I deserve it? I searched the words 'Fat Bitch' in Google and came across a clip from a stand up show called FAT BITCH! by Erica Watson.  Towards the end of the clip Erica's words are quite poignant on how society has already set it's limitations on fat people and dare we move out of those confines....

I will continue to use the 'Fat' word positively, but in the meantime, I may always be a 'Fat Bitch' but being an 'Ignorant Bully' is never ok.....