Angel Ribbons in Spring......

(Oh look, there's the dreaded eyebrows! *Shock Shock Horror*)

Evenin' m'dears!

Thanks for the awesome response to my previous post, I think after that I am definitely inspired to wear that Beth Ditto dress more often. It was such an awesome range, wasn't it? Even still I scour eBay for pieces from it. Between that and the 'Seven' range which is well old now, those were my Evans highlights, when the brand really keep us in great trend. Alas, no more whinging about what used to be!

I wanted to finally show you my lovely Angel Ribbons coat from Simply Be, (I love these guys, really I do!). This was my second item I chose to review and I am definitely not disappointed. With the crazy sporadic weather we have had recently I couldn't have chosen this at a much more needed time. The coat itself is in a lovely light weight cotton which is warm enough for chilly days and cool enough for spring sunshine, lovely deep pockets, a really relaxed slouchy, easy to wear feel and a lovely cosy hood, I am smitten with it.

I remember when Simply Be first launched a version of this jacket a couple of seasons ago and I never managed to get my hands on one, when it came back around this season I was thrilled to see it again and that they hadn't changed the design too much. I opted for the khaki in a UK size 28. Before the coat arrived I honestly didn't think it would fit me due to my boobies always being a sticking point with coats and jackets, I always struggle to have enough room, but this was perfect, I actually think I could have sized down due to the relaxed fit of the coat.

I like that they have made a classic, quite boyish parka, into a very girly item, with the tiered frills and the option to have the coat in a really on trend coral colour too, you can't go wrong with this. I don't see our erratic British weather changing any time soon so this will do me perfectly right up until Autumn and through to next year! Two thumbs up from me!

Lightweight Parka - £45 Angel Ribbons @ Simply Be
(Please excuse me looking a right mongface in these pics, just strolled in from work!)

If you likey this one ladies I know the larger sizes are pretty much sold out, so I'd go have a nosey to try get your hands on one ASAP. It's definitely something that I will be wearing for a few seasons yet!

Big Love

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