Saturday Splurge & Evans Bird Print Dress Review.

Evenin' my lovelies!

Another post so soon? You lucky devils! ;) It's only cause I actually have some things to witter on about. As I mentioned in my last post, on Saturday I went for a mooch around Merry Hill Shopping Centre and had me a bit of a splurge and I wanted to show you my little haul...

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner - I am an eyeliner fiend, I pretty much won't leave my house unless I'm wearing it. I had a Sleek gel liner a while ago which was fab, but I lost it, so I primped for a new one, the brush that comes with it is brill!

Boots 17 Solo eyeshadows in Funfair & Statuesque - not tried them yet but I love the colours of these!

Boots 17 Hide Away Concealer - again something else I can't live without!

Primark Skull Scarf - this Alexander McQueen looky likey scarf was a bargain £4! I felt a little bit guilty for buying a copy but I promise I will buy the real thing soon, it's on my list of 'WANTS'. For now, this little baby will do.

Primark Bird Print Snood - we are all a bit giddy for bird print just recently, this was a must to go in the basket!

Primark Floral Print Bow Necklace - so adorable.

Primark Earrings - I love cute studs, these rock chickesque and super girly ones needed a home with moi!

Primark Pink Heart Diamante Ring - pretty pretty!

Evans Leather Ankle Boots - my sale bargain, I know the weather is supposed to be warming up, but lets be fair, this is England a decent pair of boots is essential no matter what the season!

Primark Handbag - love this little handbag but when I got home I realised the strap was a lot shorter than I would like, am thinking some customisation may be in order!

H&M Metallic Peeptoe Flats - these are my love! I'm not really a fan of flip flops so I am thrilled that every year H&M never fails to bring out an awesome pair of peeptoe flats for the summer, this year they haven't failed to disappoint. They have lots of other colours online and instore too and I am destined to own them all!

I also picked up a nautical navy and white striped top from Yours Clothing and a stripey vest top from H&M+ which I haven't shown you here but I know I will use for outfit posts soon.

Lastly, whilst on my travels I popped into Evans. The store in Merry Hill is probably one of Evans' better ones, it regularly has their new in items and is generally quite well stocked. I knew I wanted to catch sight of their take on the bird print dress, everywhere seems to have given us one and finally Evans has caught on. I first saw it online and I have to say, I wasn't particularly impressed, priced at £45 for a basic jersey cut in comparison to New Looks recent version it wasn't really ever going to get me excited.

As I walked into the store the dress was hanging on a point of sale rail at the forefront, I picked up a Uk 26/28 (Evans infamous duel sizing *ICK*) and toddled off to the changing rooms to take some snaps for you....

At first touch the material is thin and not particularly amazing quality considering the £45 price tag I would have at least expected a thicker more ponte like jersey material. The print is nice, a ditsy swallow print in pastel shades but again, it looked a bit cheap. The cut is generous and you definitely wouldn't need to size up at all.

I personally wasn't keen on the cut of the dress, I would have liked a deeper neckline and a shorter length I felt the dress seemed a bit 'mumsy' and that it wasn't quite sure of what it was meant to be and whom it is aimed at. The print suggests fast fashion for a young audience, whilst the cut screams 50+ mum! I'm not just saying this because I want to just have a go at Evans, I really want Evans to do well and start belting out some awesome pieces like what used to be offered from their Seven range, but I really was unimpressed. I know me and if I had loved that dress £45 price or not, it would have been bagged up and on the bus home with me, but all in all it was just 'luke warm'. It's a no frills, rushed job of a fast fashion piece which they have thrown at the rails in order to jump on the trend without even really thinking about what it is or who it is for. Maximum price for minimum effort or style.

In comparison to the recent New Look Inspire version it doesn't even come close and yet it is nearly double the price. Maybe if it comes up in the sale I would think about it, but that quality, for that price, for that cut, sorry Evans but me no likey! I understand that larger sized clothes require more material and will generally cost us a little more, but if New Look can cut a similar item up to a size 26 for £25 surely this one from Evans could have been a bit more reasonably priced? Lets hope your Clements Ribeiro range wets our whistles and our wallets!

That's all from me this evening m'dears! Let me know your thoughts on the Evans dress.

Big Love

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