Same Shirt, Different Day.

Ello my lovelies!

I was planning on having a full on lazy PJ day today, but I somehow was lured to my local Westfield shopping centre, how does that happen? I had a good old mooch around Primark and got lots of cute little goodies, tried on loads of stuff in Yours clothing whom I must say are coming out with some really nice pieces at the moment, their wine coloured jeans are brilliant, purchased cute flats from H&M and tried on that bird print dress in Evans. Will definitely give you an update and some pics of it all in a day or 2!

But anyway to do it all I wore some clothes, I threw on this little outfit.....

Denim Shirt - New Look Inspire
Leopard Print Vest Top - Evans
Red Leggings - New Look Inspire
Belt - Evans
Leopard Print Scarf - H&M
Shoes - New Look
Stag Necklace - Primark

I know, I know, I wore this shirt in my last outfit of the day, but the thing is, whenever the spring starts to poke through the atmosphere and those little sunbeams come out to play, this is my go to item! I picked it up a few years ago from New Look Inspire and it has become my spring through to summer wardrobe staple! Guaranteed that whenever the earth begins to start warming up this shirt is out and about! It was well worth the £20 I paid for it way back when, I don't see it leaving my wardrobe anytime soon!

What are your wardrobe staples? The things you wear year on year?

Big Love

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