Plus London Two!

Ello lovelies!

Well what can I say, I know I'm late to the parade of posts over another very successful Plus London event, but as they say, better late than never!

I had a really fab time, and my personal highlights were getting to visit the Anna Scholz design studio and my amazing Elomi bra fitting!

Anna Scholz for me has always been a bit of an idol, a designer of plus size whom actually understands plus size! I know it shouldn't really be an issue but understanding the needs of a plus size body in order to be able to dress it well is so important! So many brands get this so wrong because they just don't understand. With Anna, it's not an issue, being a plus sized lady herself, her designs accommodate curves incredibly without compromising on style, elegance and comfort!

Fab printed jersey dress - Anna Scholz

Anna's team were so welcoming and so open to taking on feedback from us, and believe me, we're no shrinking violets! Between rummaging through the rails of the beautiful new Spring/Summer 2012 White Label and Black Label collections, eating gorgeous cupcakes and drinking wine, we got the chance to really get to know Anna and the brand, how hard it has been to get a plus size luxury brand like hers on the map and the struggle to keep it where it is! It makes you appreciate the price tag of each garment so much more when you realise this is a brand that is made out of love and appreciation for their customers and the drive to make it succeed, her clothing is pure quality from start to finish.

Bethany & Amy enjoying cake and looking fabulous!

Anna showing us some more of her beautiful designs.

My personal favourite items are the Double Silk Corset Strap Maxi Dress from her White Label collection, in the most fabulous palm print I have ever seen. It makes me long for holidays, blue skies and sunshine!

And from her Black Label collection I am all over a fabulous poodle print tunic which should hopefully be online soon! So quirky and fun!

Big thank you to Anna Scholz and the team for being so welcoming and open!

After the Anna event, I hopped off and braved Westfield in Shepherds Bush (I must have been mental!). I had packed a number of dresses to wear to the evening event, but being the typical indecisive Libra that I am, and a serial shopaholic I couldn't help but purchase a cheeky new number from, yep you guessed it, New Look Inspire! I picked up a really cute leopard print dress and due to the heavy snow fall that evening, I whacked it on with my little furry ankle boots, tights and my long standing, very favourite Evans biker jacket! The picture was actually taken at about 4am Sunday morning after an epic bit of drinking fun after the Plus London event, it's the only pic I really have of me in it, apologies!

Leopard Dress - £26.99 New Look Inspire
Biker Jacket - Evans
Tights - We Love Colors
Boots - £39 Evans

Due to adverse weather conditions, we were late to the event and missed the OneStopPlus catwalk show, but arrived with enough time to meet and greet new and old faces! But the night flew by so quickly there are so many of you that I missed! Wendy filled us with amazing cupcakes, Em was on hand dishing out the raffle tickets and Claire was the hostess with the mostess! Well done to all whom made it a really great night!

Image courtesy of A Monkey Fatshionista & Plus London Two

Wendy & Em
Image courtesy of A Monkey Fatshionista & Plus London Two

Had to include this epic little number of Carla after she bombed my phone.....always a pleasure love!

But, my absolute highlight has to be meeting the Elomi team. I wittered on to Holly (sorry love!) about the constant battle I have with my boobs! I told her my story about how I recently went into Evans for a fitting and was told to try on a 48DD! Now, I understand this whole rule with the numbers and adding and subtracting this that and the other, but someone, somewhere needs to start applying some common sense! There was no way my rack was squeezing into a DD cup bra and Holly and the Elomi girls agreed and were shocked! My terrible experiences over the years with bra fittings have made me terrified! But meeting Elomi has changed that for me!

Image courtesy of SBP Images

Elomi's bra fitter (whose name I have forgotten, I am so sorry!), was amazing! She took one look at me and knew exactly what my boobies needed to be nestled in, a 46G! But here is my problem, for around 2 years now I have been wearing 46G bra's but have been seriously doubting if it was the right size for me due to the constant rubbing I get around the back band on my left side. Over the last few months, the rubbing has become so bad I have broken skin which is so sore some days I could seriously cry. My bra's make me so uncomfortable some days I just could break down. The reason isn't because I am we
aring the wrong cup size, or back size, it's because of the quality of the bands, unfortunately my body makes them roll up and chafe my skin and due to having to constantly wear a bra the cycle never seems to stop. The lovely fitter noticed this straight away and even noticed that the Elomi bra she had fitted me in was doing the same thing. She took the feedback on board and really wanted to help find a solution for this problem that I am having. I have been advised to find bra's with wider width bands to help alleviate the issue but in the meantime I know Elomi are going to look into this, fantastic! Do any of you other ladies have this problem at all? If so, get in touch! It is really important that feedback like this is given to brands in order for them to be able to rectify it!

Image courtesy of SBP Images

Big thank you to Elomi for listening and being fabulous! You have made me and my boobies very happy! :)

At the end of the night I was laden with heaps of goodies, including a £25 Navabi voucher which I won on the raffle and can't wait to spend! Thank you Claire and crew for organising another year of Plus London, also a big thank you to the other sponsors involved, Simply Be, Eliza Parker, Bijou Bijoux, Benita Blue, Evans, Domino Dollhouse, ASOS, Masaari I am so proud to be part of this community, you are all seriously fabulous!

Big Love Guys!

P.S make sure you check out all the other fab write ups by all the other amazing ladies whom attended! Check out the Plus London Two site for links!

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