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Diamonds 'n' Pearls is a blog created by Naomi Griffiths, a size 28 happy fat girl living and laughing in the West Midlands.

This blog is primarily aimed at likewise plus size women interested in clothing, fashion, body acceptance and inspiration.

The blog generally talks of my day to day life, the outfits I wear, the events I go to and the inside gossip on all things plus size and overall, acceptance. This blog is not a space for body hate or diet/weight-loss talk.

If you are interested in advertising on Diamonds 'n' Pearls please see below I am currently offering small 125 x 125 pixel ad banner slots on the right sidebar of the website.

Current rates are as follows:
Anyone purchasing spaces must provide me with the correctly sized advert button and the click through link they require as the target.

Ads can be paid up in 3, 6, 9 or 12 month blocks via
paypal and listed as soon as payment is clear and all buttons and links are provided.

My current stats are as follows:

Stats as of January 2012....
Product Reviews

I am happy to review products but be advised that I will always give 100% honest feedback. Items openly accepted for review are:

This list is not extensive and I am happy to consider other offers. Please be aware under no circumstances to I accept diet/weightloss aids or programmes.

I am open to consider featured blog posts at my discretion, please contact me directly to discuss the content you would like to be featured and the fees involved in this. Please be reminded that any feature must fit within the content of this blog.

I do not offer:
If you are interested in any of the above services or advertising or would like to discuss any other opportunities for myself or your company please email me directly at

Please be advised all payments will be required to be made via Paypal prior to any posts/advertisements/reviews going live.

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