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Evenin' lovelies!

It's getting ever closer to Kissmas, are we all excited? I hope you've all been very good boys and girls! :)

So, I have been meaning to do an outfit of the day review of this lovely little dress gifted to me by OneStopPlus Uk for a few weeks now. I was asked if I fancied reviewing another item for them and of course, I said yes! I thought this time I would choose something that I would never usually go for. I opted for the Duel Fabric Dress from the Taillissime range in taupe. The dress is a combination of jersey and cotton panels all finished off with a really cute little macrame trim.

I popped the dress on with my We Love Colors tights in Maroon, some cute strappy ankle boots that I had just received from Simply Be and a little black cardigan.

Duel Fabric Dress - £45 Taillissime @ OneStopPlus Uk
Maroon tights - $9 We Love Colors
Strappy Ankle Boots - £24 Simply Be
Black Cardigan - New Look Inspire (few years old)
...and yes, the Gryffindor scarf is mine! PRICELESS!

This is a very casual outfit for me I feel. Even Mr Naomi commented on how toned down this was, I think it was due to the colours that I had put together, most of my outfits are usually full of prints, or colours or are generally quite blingy (as I can't resist a sparkle!) but this was full of muted hews and the only real pop of colour was from those oh so gorgeous tights!

I do really like the dress, although I must admit, I feel it is probably a bit highly priced for me for what it is. It is well made, and the material is really nice, the 3 quarter length sleeves make it perfect to wear in cooler months aswell as warmer months but the one thing that I think has really thrown me with it is the bust area. Although this dress is a UK 28-30 I found the bust portion which is meant to kinda sit underneath the boobage kept riding up on me, I imagine that this is due to having a rather large set of melons and that can't be helped, but it just made me feel a little bit uncomfortable as I was having to tug it down quite a lot.

Let me get onto those amazing We Love Colors tights!!!! I don't have to remind you of my constant battle with the plus size hosiery world, it never fails to disappoint me, well STOP.THE.PRESS I am sold! I bought 3 pairs of tights from the US site and I have to admit, with postage and customs charges all in all 3 pairs of tights have cost me a shade under £50 but I am not kidding you when I say it is probably the best £50 I have ever spent! They fit beautifully, I can pull them right up without there being any sagging around the ankles, they are comfy and the colour of the maroon is so sumptuous (pics don't do it justice but trust me!! AMAZE!). Seriously, if you have issues like I do and you can muster together a few quid extra then do it, purchase some, I can honestly say you will not regret the We Love Colors experience!

The Simply Be ankle boots are an absolute steal girls! Get em whilst they are available, they are leather and have been reduced from £60 to £24!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know! At the time of writing this they have low stock on the black but have lots available in the tan and they are wide fit! I have to admit, I am sending mine back, but this is only because they are slightly too big on me in the 6 and they are too small in the 5! I must have awkward feet! *booooooo* :(

Lastly, I just wanted to thank the OneStopPlus UK team for supporting my blog over the past 12 months, this is the last post I will be writing for them for 2011 but hope to be doing more in 2012! I was very new to blogging when OneStopPlus UK first contacted me to work with them and I still am really and very far from being one of the well known bloggers on the block, so I was thrilled that they gave me the opportunity me to review for them, I really appreciate you letting me work with you, thanks alot guys and have a great Xmas!!

So, in other news, from now until the 3rd January we have casual dress day every day at work, now this is great, but having to find something to wear everyday is going to be a chore, and, don't hold me to this, but I am going to try and do and outfit post of what I throw on each day, *Eeeeekkkkkk* lets see how it goes, until then guys,


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