All that Glitters! Avon Nailwear Pro Sparkle and Shine!

Evenin' My lovelies!

What's this? Another post! I know, I know! Well I thought, what the heck, it's Friday night and I'm not going out, I have work in the morning and the only things that have put a smile on my face today are the glittery goodies I have acquired!

Avon Nailwear Pro Sparkle & Shine - Sequinned Turquoise and Dynamo
(Currently on offer £3)

I ordered a couple of nail polishes from Avon about a week ago and they arrived today. They are all sparkly and pretty so I had to share them with you! I have painted my nails in the Nailwear Pro Sparkle and Shine 'Sequinned Turqoise' it's really easy to apply, it does unfortunately take a while to dry completely but you could get away with just one coat, however I have applied two coats on this occasion as I couldn't get enough of the sparkle!

Sequinned Turquoise

I'm really impressed with this polish, I love the colour it's fab for the party season and is really eye-catching. I am yet to try the 'Dynamo' but I'm hoping it's as fabulous as this one!

Also today, I caved in and made a cheeky purchase from the jewellery stall which comes to my work place every now and then. I have seen these super little bracelets all over the place at the moment and a friend of mine recently purchased one of the very swish Tresor Paris ones (which unfortunately is way out of my budget), but this little number for £25 has made my Friday much better!

Between sparkly wrist-wear and sparkly nail candy I am satisfied with a cosy night in admiring my little purchases!

What are you all upto with you weekends? Doing fabulous things I hope!?!

Big Love

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