Evenin' Lovelies!

How are we all today? I have just got home from a super long day at work, its tough at the moment but I'm getting through (just about!), but I have just walked in the door and before even sitting down my eyes fell upon the GlossyBox sat on my kitchen counter that Mr Postman has delivered for me today! YAY!

The lovely peoples over at the GlossyBox team very kindly offered to send me a box to review and well, I jumped at the chance! Now, as you know, I do lik
e to delve into the odd bit of beauty blogging, being a massive girly girl and a fan of lotions, potions and new remedies to try so it was only right to give it a go! I have received October's box which includes: I have to say I really love this box and I love the GlossyBox concept. For £10 a month you can be delivered 5 trial size luxury items to play with! For me, I have always wanted to try Dermalogica but haven't really had the cash to splash out on a full size item at the drop of a hat without knowing if it works for me or not, so this is perfect. If I like the item I can go and purchase it either via the GlossyBox website or elsewhere, everyone's a winner! I have even discovered brands I hadn't heard of, like Leighton Denny (yeh I know, where have I been?!).

As you can see the box arrived beautifully packaged in a lovely gift box, tissue covered inside all tied up with a little pink ribbon, really luxurious and perfect if you wanted to get one of these as a gift for somebody, I know I would be really pleased to receive one!
(Hint hint lads!). I was thinking about the gift subscriptions for this and have just tweeted the GlossyBox team suggesting that maybe they could look into offering gift vouchers as part of a gift subscription package so if you were lucky enough to receive a box and found something you loved, you could go and treat yourself with the vouchers received too! But this is just an idea I have thrown at them.....who knows aye!? They also have a rewards scheme going on, where you can earn 'GlossyDots' which you can collect to get yourself a free box, friend recommendations and reviewing products will earn your dots and get you on your way to a freebie!

I am yet to try the items, but am very much looking forward to giving them a go, but I do definitely recommend checking them out and seeing if it's for you! I would love to hear your thoughts! So, go go go!

P.S theres also a quarterly GlossyBox offered for all you metrosexual males!


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