But-Fest Pictures and Naomi as 'Charbie'!

Hi Everyone! How are you all?

So, as promised, Ive finally got round to posting some of the pics from my weekend away at Butlins! Was an awesome weekend in honour of my fellow Sister Of Mercy's 30th Birthday (Maybe Ill tell you sometime about why I am an honourary Sister Of Mercy....)
I did my little re-enactment of Charbie (aka Chubby Barbie). Done up in a blonde wig, handmade tutu, leg warmers and other 80's bits and pieces, it was my take on the fantastic, plastic one, in supah fat size! Oh and P.S Blondes definitely do not have more fun! ;)

Friday night the party starts, clad in my 'But-Fest' T-Shirt!

All ready to go party as Charbie...now, wheres my Ken?! (Tutu handmade by moi!)

Zoid, Rainbow Brite, Charbie, Timmy Mallet's Mallet, Shera, Silent Singer(?!) Ken, King of Hearts, Minnie The Minx, Hooker Barbie, Trivial Pursuit! What a bunch!

Me and my favourite Minx....

So theres my little round-up of some of the shenanigans, I simply can't post all the pics because there are hundreds and as the saying goes 'What happens in Butlins, stays in Butlins!' So technically I'm being very naughty just putting these out! Nevermind ;)

In other news, I am super excited about the Simply Be launch event this Thursday and my chance to catch up with my favourite blogger peoples! Can't wait to see you ladies!

I finally decided on an outfit, I chose the Pineapple Tunic Dress which is absolutely fantastic! I cannot wait to do an outfit post and show it to you.

I did make a few orders to see what I liked best, I ordered the Grazia Black Palazzo Pants which I was hugely disappointed with. I have been dying to get my hands on a pair and thought these would be great, unfortunately the material was horrid, really thin and cheapy, and the sizing was so small I would have needed about a UK50 to ever have gotten my backside in them. So they are being sent back, along with the Grazia studded wedges, gorgeous shoes, but if you have wide feet, like myself, you haven't got a chance of getting in them! The Viva La Diva T-Bar sandals, which are fab, but again, they didn't fit my wide feet, which I am really gutted about because I really really really wanted them! And lastly a pack of 2 longline camisoles, which are going back because they are in no way, whatsoever 'longline'. We have had a bit of a Twitter rant recently about Simply Be's sizing, I just don't know whats going on with it, such a shame because their stuff is gorgeous but I'm so reluctant to order because of the inconsistent sizing. Nevermind, lets just hope its something that gets looked at for the future. I do feel really bad now for having a moan about them, but I always promise you guys honesty and that's what you will get! I also do urge you to try these things yourself, even if they didn't work for me, you may find they work wonders for yourself!

Anyway, I'm gonna wrap it up their for now. I did do a bit of shopping yesterday and I picked up some lovely items which I am gonna work on a haul post for ya!

Big Loves!

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