Beauty On a Budget NYC Color & Eylure

Evening guys!

So, I thought Id do a little beauty post. Ive mentioned many times that I am an absolute makeup fiend! I love it, love, love, love, love, love it!

Anyway, I'm on a bit of a budget at the moment, I have had a fabulous few weeks seriously enjoying myself with friends, but, alas, now it has to be paid for!

So whilst I was out shopping on Saturday getting a few essentials I picked myself up a blusher and some new lashes from Superdrug (think I just wanted to use my beauty card!).

The blusher is by New York Color, a really great budget cosmetic range. I usually always use a bronzer on my cheeks but I fancied a bit of a change and thought I'd mix it up a bit with a swish of pink. I opted for the 'Pink Cheek Glow Mosaic' for a bargain £2.49! It is a great mix of some really great shades which blend beautifully to give a really natural glow if a little is applied and if you want to go all out just apply a swish more to give you a really popping pink set of cheeks. The powder is very lovely and light, but a little bit goes a long way!

NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Pink Cheek Glow - £2.49 Superdrug

The other bargain item I indulged in was a new set of lashes. I have expressed my love for lashes here before. I am a self confessed lash whore! The lashes I picked up are by Eylure. The Eylure Intense False lashes (145) are great, they retail at Superdrug for a very reasonable £5.29. They come with their own little adhesive, but as I have blogged before I opt to use my own Duo glue sold by MAC. These lashes are super fluttery and in a brilliant, dramatic black. I personally do not need to chop them down, but if you try them you may find that you will need to. The outer corners are much longer and fluttery then the inner corner which makes them much more comfortable to wear, they are also really lightweight. My little tip, I find if you apply your adhesive and leave it for a few moments to go slightly tacky they seem to stick a bit easier first time round. May just be me though?!

Eylure Intense False Lashes (145) - £5.29 Superdrug

Heres me abusing a bottle of (free) cheap fizz in a local bar at the weekend, but you can see the lashes and the blusher quite well!

So, if you are also on a bit of a budget and maybe want to update your makeup bag a little bit don't overlook a bit of budget beauty! The NYC Color concession in Superdrug has some really great items, most under £2.50! Check it out!

Apart from a bit of a shop on Saturday, I had a fab time last week at the Simply Be launch event for the new collection by Zandra Rhodes, which I can't wait to blog about! Will get some pics up this week! Keep an eye out!

For now lovelies, night night!


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