Sequin love from One Stop Plus!

Evening all!

I have been dying to post about this dress for ages now. One Stop Plus Uk very kindly sent me a gorgeous item to review from their OSP Collection range. Ive had my eye on the stunning pink sequin tunic for a while now and when it arrived I was so excited to put it on and go out to play! It made its debut at BGP (Big Girls Paradise) a couple of weekends ago, this dress doesn't need much dressing up at all as it totally speaks for itself. Some super slicked up legs, gorgeous heels and a matching clutch and I was pretty much ready to go. Such a summery, colourful, show-stopping item, I loved every minute of wearing it! Here are the pics, please excuse the fact that as usual, my pictures are of me out and about being a bit of a drunken lush! You can take the girl outta the party but you can never take the party outta the girl.....

Dress Collection by OSP - £109
Shoes New Look - £6 (sale)
Clutch - Primark (years old!)

The price of this dress is a little bit over my usual budget at £109, but it is honestly worth every penny if you decide to splash out and get one, i
t will last for seasons to come and you wont be disappointed. It comes with a seperate pale pink lining in a lovely slinky fabric and the sheer sequin tunic sits lovely over the top. I would even recommend this as beach wear if you wanted to really turn heads and wear the tunic on its own over the top of your swim suit. At the moment it is only left in sizes 24-32. The one I am wearing I sized up a couple of sizes so I could have that extra flowy, slinky feel.

My only flaw with this is that about an hour into wearing it a split appeared on the seam of the dress, now I am unsure if I accidently caught it on something or what not, but because the fabric is quite delicate I am going to have trouble getting it fixed properly. I am truly gutted, but I will do what it takes to get it back on the mend and out partying with me again!
I love this dress hard, split or no split. It got so much attention that how can I not love it?! Total win ladies, seriously consider this one!

There are some other really gorgeous pieces in this collection which, after my success with this item I am seriously considering,
Embroidered Tunic - OSP £95

Draped Sleeveless top - £39 (sizes 14-36!)

In other news, I am thrilled to have found out that I have got myself an invite along to the Simply Be Autumn/Winter launch day in July, which I cannot wait to get involved in and blog about! I managed to get the time off from my manager today (thanks!) and I am looking forward to seeing some of my other fave blogger girlies, Lacara of Oh La La Curves and Kat from Plus Size Beauty. YAY! Am currently going through the website to find the perfect outfit! Too much to choose from! *eeep*

Anyway, enough of my ramblings for now!


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