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Evening Ladies! (And gents? Are there any out there? Let me know!!!)

Anyway, last night I was doing my usual churning through the usual nonsense on my Facebook newsfeed when I came across a right little gem. An acquaintance of mine had posted a link to a folder of FABULOUS shoes. Being the inquisitive soul that I am (and also massive sucker for a pretty bit of footwear) I went over to have a nosey.... I was instantly drawn into the world of Charley Bow and her amazing range of shoes. I poured over the folder of all the gorgeous girlishness and was wowed by the prices! Charley Bow is an online boutique range of exclusive footwear set up in Birmingham, they also offer the option of hosting a 'Shoe Party', the ultimate girly night in! (Also, I have been told that the company are looking to recruit people to become Charley Bow agents...)

Charley Bow launched in 2010 with the aim of bringing unique and fashionable shoes to you - a fellow shoe lover! All too often the high street is filled with plain, boring shoes which all look the same. So we decided to try and change that. We source all of our favourite shoes and showcase them online for you to see and buy. But that's not all....

Not only do we offer different shoes, but a completely new way of buying them - Shoe Parties! Shoe Parties enable you to see, feel, try on and order our shoes in the comfort of your own home! Perfect!

The only drawbacks I can see at present is that there isn't an instant online shopping facility, instead you can email them through your order and they will invoice you, which isn't a massive problem as I am sure it is just as effective as instant payment transactions and secondly I have noticed that some of the ranges (especially in the heels) only seem to go as far up as a UK size 6 which would probably size some of us out of their market, but again, hopefully it may be something they decide to work on extending.

Here are some of my faves....

I am all for independent boutiques coming on to the market and giving us something fresh and new and when I saw this I was so impressed. Girls, seriously check them out.

Charley Bow

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