Things that make me go 'Ohhhhhhhhhhh'


I am sat at home with a bitch of a stomach virus, and thought I may aswell do something slightly productive other than loafing around on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, so, a round-up of some things that are actually putting a smile on my face at the moment, like they say focus on the positive....

1) Guys Who Like Fat Chicks - An article by Camille Dodero on the USA's 'Village Voice'

This has first and foremost made me smile because I am acquainted with some of the people featured within this interview. I know that it has a mixed bag of opinions on it at the moment, but I believe that it is a well rounded read, helping to diminish the stigma around preferring a fat partner. The people who have been interviewed aren't 'creeps' or 'fetishists' or 'weirdos', they are ordinary, intelligent, aspiring people, who have a preference, just like you and I, take a look!

2) Super Fierce Pin-up Style...

Image borrowed from Rocket Betty's via Etsy, I do not own this image

I spotted a Tumblr post earlier which linked to a fabulous Etsy store called Rocket Betty whom specialises in pin-up clothing, not just any old pin-up clothing, but they also do custom! Anyway, the dresses are really eye catching but to be honest, it was the model of one of the dresses (see above) who really caught my eye, a super fierce, tattoo'ed glamour puss. She inspired me to put together a little pin-up outfit round-up...

Floral shirt dress - £45 Style369
Poppy Print Headwrap - £4.99 New Look
'Lady Danger' Lipstick - £13.50 MAC
Cat Eye Sunglasses - £12 ASOS
Red Slingback Courts - £25 Evans

I adore pin-up glam, for me it never goes out of fashion and anybody can rock it. It gives confidence in an instant and oozes sex appeal!

3)Fatshionista Inspired Facebook Competitions by fave plus size retailers....

Simply Be have a competition going on at the moment via their Facebook Page

We are offering 10 of our facebook fans the chance to attend the Launch of a NEW Designer Range from Simply Be for the AW11 Collection. The launch is a breakfast event on Thursday 14th July at a fabulous London Hotel. The prize also includes £150 to spend on an outfit from Simply Be to wear to the event, 1 nights hotel stay in London (if required) and standard return travel to and from the event and/or hotel

Thats my kinda prize, I really really really want to go, but I thought Id let all you lovely ladies know about it too! If you win a place and I don't, make sure you tell me all about it!!!!

4)British Designers in the limelight....

I don't really need to summarise this, you all know what I mean by 'That McQueen wedding dress....', Sarah Burton has really done the label proud with her elegant lace creation for the Royal Wedding, I have always thought of McQueen as edgy, gothic and dark, but this has bought a whole new license to the outstanding British Label...God Save McQueen!

And last but not least....

5) Recycling old wardrobe items.....

I have recently had a massive wardrobe purge and now have a huge bag full of stuff to get rid of. Due to my recent bad experience with eBay (again), I have decided that I am going to have a blog sale. I will be uploading pictures very shortly and posting them on here for people to have a peruse and maybe get themselves a bargain. So keep coming back to see if Ive got my bum into gear and got it all sorted!

Thanks for listening to me while I passed my virus induced time away...


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