OOTM? Whats that?
Well, OOTM for me is 'Outfit Of The Moment'.

I, my dears am a bit of a creature of habit. If I like a song I will play it non-stop until I cant stand it, if theres something I have eaten that I love, I will gorge on it until I am probably repulsed by it, and, when I find an outfit that I feel really comfy in but I also feel it shows off my personality perfectly I will probably wear it till its thread-bare....

Queue New Look Inspire dress that I bought in a sale one season and never wore. Shunned it to the back of my wardrobe for it to never see the light of day. Why? I have no idea now come to think of it. I remember buying it, loving it, but then never putting it on. I recently had a massive wardrobe clear out and I was about to put it in my 'to bin' pile, when for some reason I decided at the last moment to give it another chance.

The straps were falling away from the bodice, so I tacked them up and it has lost a few sequins through being thrown about in the back of my closet, but its now become a firm outfit staple for me in this unforgiving rainy, on/off summer we're currently having. Put together with a cosy cardigan and my very favourite Evans boots that I recently had from their online sale and I'd pretty much say Im a happy girlie! If I fancy a change I'll throw my denim shirt over the top just to switch it up a little.

Now heres something I need to say, because sometimes I get a bit worried when I'm blogging that people are looking at me and thinking 'why is she blogging, she hasn't got any style, blah blah blah, ya-da, ya-da, ya-da'. And here it is, in no way do I believe I am the best dressed person out there, I am, just another fat girl, who loves clothes, who loves dressing up, who loves to feel good. I have my own unique sense of style. I am a full on girly girl, I like to wear dresses that I probably wouldn't have given myself the option of wearing say 5 or 6 years ago, I love anything sparkly, glittery and probably a bit tacky. I'm no high fashion, high trend diva, I pick and choose elements of whats currently riding high in the fashion stakes that suit me and my style and personality. What I have learnt over the past few months is that I need to dress for me, and what makes ME comfortable and happy. I remember going through a bit of an identity crisis a few months ago and I was lost in a sea of 'OMGZED WHAT DO I WEAR?'

So I suppose this little excerpt today is to all you girls who have maybe lost their way. I want to say to all of you, JUST BE YOU! If you like my style, if you like X,Y, Z bloggers style, than go for it, attempt it, but somewhere, in amongst that replication make sure you leave room for you!

Im not really sure why I am putting this out there, maybe its down to me being a bit lacking in confidence at the moment, so more a stark reminder to myself, that I need to start getting confident again, but whatever it is, I hope you all remember to just be yourselves!

P.S my 'SOTM'

(song of the moment)

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