Evans Blogger Brunch Event

Evening all!

Well, last Thursday I was fortunate enough to be invited along to a sneaky preview of the Evans and Style369 Autumn/Winter 2011 range. I haven't been blogging for very long, as you are all aware, so to be invited to something like this was a real privilege for me.

I headed on down to London early Thursday morning; dressed in an outfit I had literally just thrown on, randomly pulled out of my wardrobe 5 minutes before my taxi turned up, after initially spending all of Wednesday evening after work trying to put together the perfect collaboration (FAIL).

When I arrived in London I met up with a group a fabulous bloggers, Stephanie, Claire, Carla, Rosie and Lauren and we all headed over together to the venue where the event was being held, where we also met Laura and Lacara, the venue was merely a stones throw away from bustling Carnaby Street in a really swanky set of studios!

We were greeted by the Evans team whom encouraged us to have a nosey around and take in the new range. The outfits were styled beautifully, pieces which I would never usually be inspired by really caught my attention, like a gorgeous berry coloured pleated maxi skirt which had been hitched up over the bust on a mannequin, styled up as a dress, teamed with a skinny belt, and gorgeously luxurious faux fur jacket.

The very new 'Collection' range will be continuing, and as I mentioned in my recent post on the range that I would love to see more tailoring and structure I can assure that this is being delivered, one of the pieces that caught my eye was a gorgeous tuxedo jacket, which I hope makes it through to the stores in the Autumn. There are also going to be some really interesting changes, which will change the way we all shop, but Ill leave that to be disclosed at a later date ;)

The team discussed with us some of the changes that are going to be happening to the Evans brand, they recognise that they cannot please everybody within the huge demographic in which they cater for and after seriously taking in the feedback they get from all of its customers, the team have listened, (believe me, there isn't a brand I have ever known who care about their customers as much as they do!)

Evans are looking to be known as the grown up, sophisticated store in the future which will address the needs of a certain clientele whom want tailoring, structure and their needs met through quality long lasting pieces. Where as the very recent Style369 is being looked at to cater for the younger of Evans customers, where the emphasis will all be on fast fashion, high street trends and fun! My concern with this (which I did bring up with the team) is that Style369's sizing is smaller than Evans, even though a lot of the clothes crossover between brands. I have mentioned that the brands should take this into account and look to include all of us over and above a size 26 (myself included) when this change begins to happen, as I fear that once again young plus size females are going to be sized out of being able to access trend led clothing, which would be a huge shame!

Overall I had a great day, catching up with other fabulous bloggers, getting to know the Evans team and being able to see the thought and hard work that goes into keeping the label going. Keep your eyes peeled ladies, and as soon as I get anymore info *ahem* gossip *ahem* I will make sure I let you all in on it!

Big Love!


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