Monif C, I salute you!

Good Evening!

How are you all?! I have been doing some serious catching up on my fave blogs and things over the last day or 2....

What can I say, there aren't many plus sized clothing labels whom constantly please me, honestly, that's the truth!

I have my up moments with them, I have my down moments with them, I have my roundabout moments with them. Its a rollercoaster, plus size fashion is a rollercoaster, where not only us as consumers are constantly riding it, the retailers whom dish it out to us are forever trying to thrill us with every twist and turn. Some get it right, some don't, it's as simple as that for me. But, yes, there is a but, one label, one designer, const-antly, consistently, absolutely, never fails to get it bang on for me and ALWAYS gives me a massive buzz just from looking at their promo shoots, their ranges, their new arrivals! If I am honest, I have never purchased from this label as unfortunately I have never really had the cash their and then to just say "right, give it to me!" but believe me, I lust after the fabulous Monif C's collection ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME! I have forever wanted to own one of her gorgeous Marilyn Convertible Dresses, which last year the label did another brilliant make over shoot on.

I'm not sure if its her use of one of the most beautiful models out there, the stunning Fluvia Lacerda, to model her range or just the fact that her label isn't afraid to take risks, be bold and really go all out with their designs. Whatever it is, it works, Monif C absolutely knows how to rock a confident curvy girls world and wardrobe.

Monif's range begins at a US size 14 and goes up to a US size 24. Her clothes are created to show off curves and proudly display them, they absolutely do not follow suit of most plus sized retailers whom seem to tailor garments which are created to swamp and hide our bodies.

Today as a plus size woman, Monif understands the need for a new perspective in the plus size market. "It took me many years to appreciate my curves and recognize them as a plus and NOT a minus. [...] I needed luxurious feminine clothes that make a statement...Who says plus size can't be sexy, luxurious, and feminine??"

Anyway, whilst on my lunch break at work I decided to do a little catch up on some of my fave blogs and clothing sites. When I clicked on to Monif's I was knocked sideways by the amazing swimwear make-over post! 7 girls of varying shapes and sizes had been taken by the team and transformed into ultimate, beach goddess's showing off their beautiful curves confidently in Monif's fabulous swimwear designs. I thought back to last year when I first clapped eyes on a post by Gabi of YFF wearing a gorgeous hot red swimsuit by Monif C and thinking 'OMG somebody actually makes hot swimwear for us plus girls!'. I remember pouring over the designs on the website and being thrilled that someone had actually pulled out all the stops, the fringing and the detailing and the colours all screamed 'LOOK AT ME!' instead of the usual 'OMG, im so fat let me blend in.' pieces we usually get...

So ladies, take a look and hopefully you are as inspird as I am, it is a totally empowering campaign, with before and after shots of all of the girls and video testimonials. All I can think now is, 'Please British weather, give us a good summer?!'

All Images have been borrowed frrom the Monif C website with thanks.



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