Leopard lust OOTD!

Well hello there! It has been a short while since I last posted but I am back now and I promise to be better this time around, honest!

My life has been so busy over the past couple of weeks and Ive been trying my best to cover all bases with everyone and everything but sometimes i
t doesn't always work the way you would like it to, ya know? I sadly left my job at the theatre a couple of weeks ago, which was extremely sad and totally unexpected and unplanned but I realise now that it is for the best. Luckily the people I worked with there were not just work colleagues but amazing friends whom wont be getting rid of me anytime soon! In fact, I got to spend Saturday night with them to celebrate the lovely Katie's 21st (+VAT) birthday! I knew I had a busy weekend planned and to go with it all I had a bit of an online shopping spree! Included in my purchases were a fab pair of drapey utility trousers from Evans, which I will post about soon, promise! And what I want to show you in this post, a stunning leopard print wrap dress from ASOS Curve.

I have had my eye on this dress since it was released on the site. I am an absolute sucker for a bit of leopard print, I swear to god, if there wasn't about 50 years difference between us, and the fact that she is totally fictional, I am pretty sure Bette Lynch and I were seperated at birth!

I have to admit, as much as I have loved ASOS Curve, unfortunately just recently I have found that everything I order has ended up being sent back, the main reason being poor sizing. No 2 garments have been consistently si
zed, I feel, which has been a real shame. I honestly do not feel that the garments being modelled on girls whom aren't even big enough to fit into the size dimensions of the range is helpful at all either. Considering the range starts at a size 20 and goes up to a size 26, seeing a dress exclusive to the range modelled on a girl no bigger than a size 12 and 5,11 isn't a true representation of the range. I understand why ASOS has to do this but in that case I think Id rather see it on a mannequin or dummy or something. Im also aware that the industry isnt full of perfectly sized plus size models so its a lose lose scenario I suppose. Anyway, back to the item that I haven't had to send back! Woooooooooo! Here is a pic of me in the wrap, leopard print dress, taken last night dancing away to cheesy 90's music and downing ridiculous amounts of wine....

ASOS Curve Leopard Print Wrap Dress - £35 (on sale for £28 atm!!)

I adore this dress, the jersey material is so lightweight it falls perfectly and the cut, for me was just stunning! I teamed it up with some really sweet red kitten heels from Primark, a little red handbag from Peacocks and a lovely gold enamel heart necklace, also from Primark which I picked up from the Oxford Street branch when I went along to Plus London. I am sometimes prone to going a bit OTT on super colour coordination but I just couldn't help myself this time! I also slicked on some red lippy and went mental with 2 pairs of ultra glam lashes (total lash whore!).
My only criticisms of the dress, and something for you to take note of girls if you do order it is that the actual wrap closure of the dress is just 2 little plastic press studs and a little bit of a tie, which I was a little bit worried about coming undone. I had a friend on dress watch for me as I was worried about being exposed at any given moment! LOL! I cant wait to wear the dress again though and experiment with some other outfit ideas with it! So on this occassion ASOS, you did good! Keep em coming!

Anyway, I am off for now, but I will be back to post some more ASAP! I have an OOTD post with those drapey utility bottoms and I have been proper lusting over some super costume jewellery rings (A certain Miss Amy Simons fault!!!!)

But for now, night night lovies!!!!


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