Evans & Plus Size Tall model final, and overcoming my fear of Brogues OOTD!

Awwwwww where to start?! what a weekend it has been!

I was lucky enough this weekend to be able to attend the plus size model final hosted by Plus Size Tall and sponsored by Evans in Shoreditch, London. Amongst looking forward to seeing the event, more importantly I was there routing for my gorgeous friend Lorna whom was one of the 15 finalists, thanks to anybody who reads my blog who voted for her. Unfortunately Lorna didnt win the competition but all the girls who took part were fabulous and they were all winners as far as I was concerned. In the end the prize went to the very deserving Kelsey who will soon be jetting off to Las Vegas to take part in the Curvy Revolution and fly the flag for all us curvy girlies here in the UK. Well done Kelsey.

I have to say, overall it was a great day, all of the ladies were so brave and confident to get up there and do they're thing. For me, personally, it was nice to hear the stories behind each and everyone of them, stories that myself, as a plus size woman can totally relate too. It was rather emotional to be part of that group, with resounding agreement on how society, media and the fashion industry has made women feel about themselves. There were some serious 'ick' moments for me though when the words 'skinny' and 'real women' were thrown around. I totally understand the way alot of plus size women feel with regards to the size debate, but my view point on the matter is that by shunning women of a smaller size and labelling them as 'not real' then we are as bad as the society and the industry whom made us feel the way we have felt. I believe as women we should embrace the differences in each and every one of us, we have to be very careful when condoning and condemning different ends of a very wide and varied spectrum, we are all REAL WOMEN, regardless of what size you may be.

Anyway, I also got to meet some really great people, first of all I got a little bit starstruck and slightly overwhelmed when Rachel, the creative director of Evans said hello to me and introduced herself. I had a little chat and catch up with the lovely Lauren who was on the judging panel and most interestingly for me was having a natter to Zoe who works on the Evans online team and Gemma whom works with all of their social media. They were both so keen to talk about how they are really trying to bring the Evans community together to really try and understand their customers, they are so passionate and I could genuinely see how for them that its not just about a brand flogging a few clothes they really care about their customers and how they can work with them to deliver the best. Believe it or not guys, love or loathe Evan's clothing, I can wholeheartedly say from now meeting just a handful of people behind the brand that they do really care about their consumers. I feel theres some really exciting things going to be coming up from Evans over the next year and Im itching to see what they are going to be!
Anyway here are a couple of snaps from the day (apologies for the quality)

So I promised another outfit of the day, I was intending on getting one while I was at the event but it was such a busy day that I never got chance, but I do know that the Evans team managed too so if they post it I will blog it for sure! I did a little shopping the other day and bought myself a pair of tan brogues from Primark for £8!! If any of you follow my Twitter you may have seen a tweet saying that I have no idea how to wear them, but when I got home from London this evening I was inspired by a very kind parcel I received from the lovely guys over at Plus Size Tights.

Amongst the items were an AMAZING pair of tights, they were sort of a cable knit effect but were totally nylon, in a 60 denier! I havent opened a box that made me go *squeeeeeeee* in a long time, I know I go on about this all the time but I have a longstanding battle with tights not fitting and well, I now had a brand spanking new pair, in a style other than just basic black, excited? MUCH! So anyway I popped them on with a black skirt from Yours Clothing (which I adore), a long beige vest top from H&M, a beige cardigan from New Look Inspire, a tan waisted belt which I picked up in the Evans sale for a fiver instore a few days ago and these cute little tan brogues from Primark and low and behold, my love for the flat granny shoe (as my bro likes to call them) was ignited...so here I am, in brogues,

Cardigan - New Look Inspire (Summer 2009)
Vest Top - H&M B&B £7.99
Tulip Skirt - Yours £10
Tights - Plus Size Tights (Awaiting price info)
Belt - Evans £5 (Instore sale item)

The skirt is an absolute little gem from Yours it is in the sale currently only in sizes 26-28 and 30-32 but like a lot of Yours items it is definitely cut on the larger side! I originally ordered it in a 26-28 and had to exchange it for a 22-24. It has a lovely thick elasticated waistband that can be worn on the hips or up on the waist and has a lovely tulip split shape with little pockets. It goes with EVERYTHING! Probably one of the most versatile things in my wardrobe right now. So, here is a plea to Yours, please bring the skirt back, in some more styles or colours, please?!?! The tights are fabulous, I am yet to find out the price of them, as they are not yet available on the website, but they are a brand called Levee and as soon as I get more details on them I will post! I have to say, I do love the brogues now I have tried them, and I have decided I am going to get them in the black too, think they may be my new little staple for my new job wardrobe....

Yup thats right, as of tomorrow Naomi is joining the 9-5! *eeeeep* I am so nervous, I feel like its the Sunday night before you go back to school! So wish me luck and I will let you know how I get on!

Anyway it is time to say goodnight!

Big love <3

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