My very first OOTD (Or more like Outfits of my London weekend)

Well hello there! (I am indeed hoping there is someone, at least a someone out there listening to me?!) hehe!

This is my very first outfit of the day post! I am rather excited, but rather nervous about this! Its actually a double outfit post as I have spent the weekend in good old London having my monthly dose of fat girl fun at BGP (Big Girls Paradise) to those of you who dont know of it, check out the website link! Im sure as we get to know each other you will hear much more about my monthly shenanigans at that place! Its always a great place to go to as a plus sized girl to get glammed up and really forget any inhibitions and worries about what others may think (Yeh I know, we shouldnt have to anyway but ho hum, unfortunately we do get a bit worried at times with all those judgemental stares about!). So anyway, I headed off with the girls from Wolverhampton and arrived in London for mid afternoon, we dumped our stuff and had a stroll and a late lunch in Covent Garden, which was lovely, I spotted an amazing pair of cute peep toe flatties in Kurt Geiger, but unfortunately they are a little outta my price range at the mo! After that we headed back to our hotel over at City Road and got ready for our night!

Earlier in the week I received my order from Evans which I had made a few days before taking advantage of their 30% off offer which made me treat myself to a new pair of boots! I have been after a pair of worker/biker boots for a while but couldn't find any I liked until I spotted these beauties in Evans...

They are fab, so comfortable and have plenty of room in the calf as that is where I struggle most with boots. I am a big girl, but I wouldnt say I have the largest of legs, but unfortunately even Evan's boots I struggle to get into with 19inch calves :( *sigh* so I am always ecstatic when I get hold of a pair which fit me! YAY! I am also totally loving the girly floral look with the hard edge at the moment, I know it has crossed over from the summer and Im a bit behind but its so nice being able to wear all those pretty summer dresses and tunics in the winter still! So this is my Saturday, strolling around London outfit...

Boots £45-Evans

Floral Tunic - Evans (Summer 2010)

Leggings - Evans (Summer 2010)

Cardigan - New Look Inspire (Summer 2010)

In the evening I opted for a simpler outfit compared to how glammed up and out there I usually go for BGP. I had been having 'One of those days' the day before, where absolutely everything I put on I just felt terrible in(Yeh, you know it well girls, Im sure). I had originally purchased a Beth Ditto 2009 stained glass dress from eBay to wear, but well, like I said, it just didnt feel right at the time, but I am definitely going to wear it soon when I can figure out what I feel like putting it with!

Anyway, in the end I went for an old faithful Yours Clothing polka dot tunic which I had purchased really early this year (I think?) I usually always wear it really casually just to uni or seeing friends etc, but its my super comfy outfit and I thought Id try glamming it up for a night out. I teamed it with a red cardigan from Primark (Its a size 18 and I am usually a size 28, so go figure! TRY THINGS ON LADIES WHETHER IN YOUR SIZE OR NOT!), leggings and some super cute heels which I bought about a month ago for my birthday night out, from New Look! Whacked on some pearls and VOILA, a very 50's pinup style outfit which I ended up loving! What do you reckon?! All teamed with red lips and a smile and a girls good to go!

Tunic/Dress - Yours Clothing

Leggings - New Look Inspire

Cardigan - Primark (Bargain £5!!!!)

Shoes - New Look

Bow Front Belt -Torrid Autumn 2009

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