A few musings for this week....

Im so so so busy right now guys its ridiculous! I just cant win! *sigh*

For those of you who dont know me, *I am Naomi and I am a workaholic* lol, well no, but I do have 2 jobs. By day I am a nursery nurse and early years worker and I have to say I absolutely LOVE my job! I work for an education supply agency at the moment where I have been placed temping in a local college nursery. I have been there for a couple of months now and love my days there working with their toddlers. They are so much fun and make everyday different. A lively little bunch who forever keep me on my toes and I adore them all! I will be a very sad girly when the time comes when they no longer need me *sigh*.

By night and weekends I work in a theatre, which is also so much fun. I work front of house at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, we have some great shows and its such a priveledge being able to see so much theatre on a regular basis. Fast approaching us is panto season, *ohhhhhhh yes it is!* we have the fabulous Christopher Biggins as our lead this year and I am absolutely bursting to meet him! I hope he is as nice in real life as he is on T.V, otherwise my world is gonna be so sad! I also heard on the grapevine a few days ago that we have a massive star coming to do a show with us in February! Matthew Lewis who plays the character of Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies will be with us in our yearly Agatha Christie fix, this year its a play called 'Verdict'. I have to say every year that they come I absolutely LOVE the Agatha Christie shows which we get but this time I am even more excited to see it arrive! Roll on Feb!!!

But yeh, with all of this, life as Naomi is pretty busy, I do 8 hour days at nursery then most nights and weekends I go straight to work at the theatre. I cant complain though, it keeps me and my shopping addiction very, very happy for the moment! I have purchased so much stuff just recently! I am currently on the hunt for my awesome Big Girls Paradise outfit for their Xmas event on December 11th! I think I may have stumbled upon an awesome dress from eBay, heres a pic...
I am awaiting its arrival then I shall get some pics up! What do you think?

I really cant wait to do another OOTD but Ive literally lived in my uniform over the past few weeks! Ive had so much new stuff of recent and it just hasnt seen the light of day! Also I have a week off on the 6th December where I am hoping to get round to having a massive clear out and eBay sale! Keep an eye out!

Ohhhhh a quick favour, do any of you lovely ladies have any recommendations for a good lash glue?!?! I usually use the ones which come with the lashes but they arent very good the majority of the time! Help?

Until next time guys...Big Love <3>

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