DIVA Magazine article from Big Bum Jumble!

Evening all...

Just a quick post really. I attended the very awesome Big Bum Jumble in August as a seller and as a hardcore shopper and found some AMAZING bargains and it was a fab fab fab day! I got the awesome peeptoes that I am holding in the pic for like £3, a Ralph Lauren tank jumper for £1, a Kathy Van Zeeland handbag for £1 and lots of other goodies! I also sold lots of my own stuff and made around 80 quid, (Which I later spent most of drinking ridiculous amounts of Jaegermister in Camden @ the Purple Turtle) Ugh!

It wasnt until this evening that I finally came across an article that I remember being put together at the event by a journalist from DIVA magazine, it finally got sourced out by a friend of mine and posted on Facebook so I thought I would share it with you guys here! Jus' for the record they totally misquoted me, ahhhhhhhh to be a star aye? *LOL* what I actually said was 'I wish they did better fitting tights in plus sizes as I find well fitting hosiery difficult to get hold of in the UK'. Phew, cleared that up! Some of the other very gorgeous girlies in the pic are friends of mine whom I did a stall with, the gorge red head Lorna and also beautiful Sherrilyn! Awesome day had by all! Cant wait for another one!

Click Here for the article!